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-Edvinne Capistrano

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no codes needed, just tell ADE what to do

-Edvinne Capistrano

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Tic-Tac-Toe in Microsoft Excel? Let’s do it!

Simple TicTacToe Program If you don’t have a Visual Basic Program (IDE) like VB6 or anything to build a program or software but you have only Microsoft Office (Excel) Application. Can we build such as this program the tic-tac-toe (as Bill Gates’ TicTacToe First Program)? Well indeed, but here we have to learn coding of…

Full Guide: The Logic Behind Vlookup Function Excel

Tired of looking up or finding a value within a set of range using MS Excel? Non-stop of pressing CTRL F (shorcut of searching tools) just to find your value? Why not try some other options? There are several options that can solve your problems. These are: The Vlookup, Hlookup, and the combination of Index…

Full Guide: The Logic Behind Hlookup Function Excel

Now now now! After the vertical finding of values let’s try the horizontal one. Hlookup for Horizontal Look up meaning by column. This function is same logic with Vlookup function except for lining up of finding values. Vertical Finding – North to South Horizontal Finding – West to East NEWS The Formula of HLOOKUP =HLOOKUP(looup_value,…

SpeakToMe: A Speaking Excel

INTRODUCTION Computer: “Good morning Boss!”User: “How’s my system?”Computer: “Good sir! Nothing to report!, how about you, how was your sleep last night?”User: “Yeah, I’m good!, Is my breakfast ready?”Computer: “That’s nonsense question sir, I don’t even know how to cook. Cook for yourself!”User: “Yeah yeah, I’ll cook you later” Talking to your computer? It sounds…

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Edvinne M. Capistrano is a Filipino CPA (Certified Public Accountant) who works at Happy Haus Donut Corporation. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy from Polytechnic University of the Philippines Manila and took up the licensure exam last 2014. Considering the fact that he is a CPA – knowledgeable with financial and non financial aspects of a business, he also has passion and skills in developing software, programming, and in computer networking. Edvinne’s education, passion, and skills has provided him an opportunity to create programs in order to help and assist others.

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SpeakToMe: A Speaking Excel – How to set up reminders from Anna (A.I.)

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