What is an Icon? Ask google 🙂

Icon uses “.ico” file extension. See here for more info
If you want to create your icon, it’s very easy. 
Firstly, Set your picture/s you want to create.
Mine is the Tic Toe that i posted
If you don’t have pictures, yet. You can use “screen shot” method using PrtSc (Print Screen) on your keyboard
After doing that
Open your paint ,type “Paint” in search bar, hit enter
Paste the screen shot into the paint program (Ctrl-V)
Then do what you want
I cropped the useful part for my icon image
(sorry if i included the “O” and “X”)
Save as PNG, nothing else
Now, we have to convert this .PNG image file to .ICO image file
If you don’t have a converter software, we have to convert this online.
There are lots of ICON converter online
But i preferred this site
Browse your PNG file
Upload it
When your done, Click the ICO button, see the above image
Wait, til your file has been downloaded.
(if an error occurred  “contains no icons”, re-download your file,)
Another method is using the Snipping Tool, it is more easy to use compare to “Print Screen”
Find this tool by typing “Snipping Tool” in search bar.
To use it, open your snipping tool, follow these images below
Save your file as .PNG, then convert it to .ICO
That’s All 🙂


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